The Garden (West leagues club), Ashfield, Sydney Inner West

✦ This is a newly renovated eatery within the leagues club which is really awesomely designed. Basically feels like you are eating in a rooftop garden with local suburban views.

✦ Seats are plentiful, the staff are attentive and service is quick. I can really see this place as a competitor for the likes of the other Inner West hipster cafes - if it weren't for the food!

✦ Don't get me wrong here - there is nothing wrong with the food, definitely edible and cooked nicely. It's just that it is almost like the things you can make yourself at home - see my comments below!

The views and setup is amazing. Really good job done here (my photo doesn't do it justice)

Grass-fed beef burger $16.2 - House-made beef patty with pickles, relish, lettuce, tomato, cheese & the Garden’s mayo blend - the fries were the highlight here - double fried and super crispy. The burger lacked seasoning and is similar to something you could make at home with some Tip Top hamburger buns

Grilled baby octopus with pico de gallo - Lightly chargrilled octopus with a touch of chilli, salsa, handpicked leaves, vinaigrette & toasted sourdough - $22.50 - sounded really nice on paper and the octopus itself was plentiful but the texture was rubbery and not that appetizing.

Beef nachos - Grass-fed beef mince infused with Mexican spices, corn chips, guacamole, mozzarella, sour cream & salsa - $16.20 - not good, not bad, just average.

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