Korean Cultural Centre 2016 event

As 2016 comes to a close and I watch the fireworks from the comfort of my lounge, I finally have the time to post about a very interesting event I attended.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to be invite again to partake in the Korean Cultural Centre's (KCC) annual event which aims to showcase various components of Korean culinary culture. This year the focus was on Korean alcohols and the KCC with head chef Heather Jeong and special guest Julia Mellor who is a Korean traditional alcohol specialist and director of Makgeolli Mama & Papas in Korea, had designed for us a fantastic menu with matching Korean alcohols.

Given my experience with Korean alcohol was largely limited to the shots of soju at Korean BBQ and karaoke, this event was a real eye opener. Below are a few pictures of the dishes and alcohols of the night.

Korean style surf and turf - Octopus, pork, chicken and mushrooms - matched with Soju (Hwayo)

Steamed pork, cabbage, betel leaf and kimchi - matched with Soju (Hwayo)

Prawn and bream paste - matched with 100 day wine (Gyereong)

Korean pancakes with kimchi, garlic chives and chili - matched with Boksoondoga (a type of Makgeolli which was specially flown from Korea as it is unavailable in Australia)

The Boksoondoga is an unpasteurized Makgeolli

Scallops with crush peas - matched with Cheongju (Sansachoon)

Dessert was an Aussie favourite - mini pavlova - matched with Gwashilju (Maesilwonju Black) which is like a sweet dessert wine.

The alcohol we tried. I believe all are available in Australia with the exception of Boksoondoga which you will have to try in Korea!


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