Ripples at Chowder Bay, Sydney North

I've been spending some time in the northern Sydney suburbs lately, mainly lounging around the harbourside locations, doing coastal walks and enjoying the beaches they have on offer. On this occasion, we were in Clifton gardens for lunch at Ripples, Chowder Bay.

A gorgeous sunny day  meant that the place was packed. This meant the deck seating (which has an amazing view of the beach and water) was booked out and we had to sit inside, which isn't that bad. Service is attentive and quick, and if you have a certain Citibank credit card, this is a participating restaurant where you can get a free bottle of wine.

Yamba prawns - split prawns, garlic, chili, lemon, parsley and smoked capsicum powder- 4 for $32 - Amazingly simple but delicious prawns. It normally comes in 3 but because we were sharing we asked for an extra prawn. The prawn meat was fat and juicy and the lemon provided that extra zing.

Beef tenderloins with white sweet potato, shitake ketchup, burnt onion crumble, edamame and beef jus - $36  - Wow. This beef was so amazingly soft and tender it was ridiculous. I literally don't remember when I last had beef this tender. Would have been perfect with a dollop of creamy mash, but the roast sweet potato wasn't bad either.

Barramundi bouillabaisse with scallop, clams mussels, sweet potato and sourdough - $35 - The other main we got was the barramundi. A piece of crispy skinned barra in a soup base teeming with seafood flavour. Throw in a few pippies, mussels, clams and a single scallop and it was even better. My only complaint - in the words of Manu - more sauce!

Orange cake, matcha crumble, orange gel, poppy seeds, pistachio gelato - $15 - To finish the meal we got a light orange cake. Given our mains were quite rich, we wanted something light and refreshing and this was perfect. The cake was packed with tangy orange flavour and the matcha crumble provided the perfect contrast.

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