Ocean Spray low sugar cranberry drink

So I recently got invited to taste test Ocean Spray's new cranberry flavoured fruit drink and I thought why not.

Ocean Spray to me is synonymous with cranberry juice. I've had it many years before in their distinctive rounded glass bottles and enjoyed it as refreshing drink in summer. Although it is no longer bottled using these glass bottles I was eager to see what this new recipe would taste like.

This version of the drink has been especially formulated to be less sweet and thus somewhat healthier than the standard version. According to the bottle (1.5 litres as shown below), it contains only 10 calories per serve and instead of sugar, is naturally sweetened using Stevia. It is also only available in Australia and New Zealand (sorry international readers!).

Ocean Spray Low Sugar Cranberry Drink

The Stevia sweetener is the same as the one they use in 'sugar-free' soft drinks such as the Coke Life and Pepsi Next so there does appears to be a growing trend for companies to use this new sweetener given its apparent benefits.

Tastewise, given it is a low sugar version of the original, it is naturally less sweet (duh) but also less flavoursome than the original. Whilst it retains the delicious tangy taste of cranberry, I found myself wanting more punch to the flavour.

In spite of this, I found myself during the week growing to enjoy the drink as a replacement for those times when I would be reaching for a fizzy soft drink such as my regular Coke and Creaming sodas. It doesn't feel as unhealthy as these drinks and seems to be a good alternative to have a glass of this low sugar drink rather than the soft drinks I'm used to.

Of course the best option to be healthy is just to drink water, but when you have that craving for something a bit more sweet and satisfying, I think a drink like this could be a better option than the fizzy drinks every is now accustomed - especially if you're trying to lower you calorie intake.

More information on this drink is available on their website www.oceanspray.com.au

The Food Book sampled this product as a guest of Nuffnang and Ocean Spray. All comments and opinions are our own.


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