Korean Cultural Office, Annual banquet

Around 3 years ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Korean Cultural Office's Banquet event which showcased Korean food. It was a great experience learning about the different flavours and tastes of Korean and even better to have been able to do this with a whole bunch of food bloggers and aficionados. 

Fast forward a few years and lucky for me I received an invitation to their annual banquet again! Having had such a great experience last time, it was a no-brainer that I would accept this invitation.

Heather Jeong again designed a fantastic menu and there was a brief presentation about the history of Kimchi - did you know you can tell which part of South Korea someone is from just by tasting their Kimchi? Or that the South Korean government every year issues the Kimchi Index - a data table which specifies how much Kimchi each South Korean household needs to make to feed their family?

Luckily not too long after the presentation the food started coming and it kept coming! And so without any further delay - see below some pictures of the banquet event below.

Bo ssam - Slow cooked pork belly with home made tofu and chili 

100's of cabbages and kimchi flavouring ready to be mixed! Everyone had a chance to make their own Kimchi and take it home to enjoy at their leisure

Good old KFC - Korean Fried Chicken - can't go wrong - especially when it's boneless!

Gogi mari - Wagyu beef with vegetable filling with ssam jang and mixed grain rice

Yang jang pi - potato noodles, pork and vegetable with sweet fermented mustard. This dish was so beautifully plated it felt like a shame to have to mix all together :( Tasted so good though!

Seasonal Hwe (Korea style sashimi) of abalone, salmon, kingfish and cuttlefish served with kochujang (chili paste)

Assorted Jun (Korean pancakes) of kimchi, oysters, mung beans and zucchini served with salad kimchi and soy based pickle

Assorted ban chans - a couple of interesting ones here including the brown jelly cube which tasted a bit nutty, the mushrooms which I've never seen as a ban chan before and the meatball which also seemed a bit strange for a Korean ban chan.

Gaeran jjim (Korean steamed egg) with crab and salted shrimp

Air dried medley of Korean vegetables

Ojinga and yachae twigim (Calamari and vegetable tempura) - the batter was so light and the calamari so fresh - yumm

Tteok and hangwa - rice cakes and traditional sweets - the little cookie things were my favourite - kind of like a honey biscuit

Pat bingsu (shaved ice) with red bean and berries - the last time I had this was in Eastwood with some old uni friends - ah the memories

Thanks again to the Korean Cultural Centre and chef Heather Jeong for the wonderful night!


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