Ishiyama, Campsie, Sydney inner west

Guest blogger edition

I love it when I find a local suburban joint which serves great authentic cuisine, with reasonable prices at a a good quality and has decent serving sizes. Ishiyama is one of these places. Located just above the train station in Campsie, Ishiyama is a relatively new Japanese restaurant serving great tasting Japanese food. They have an extensive menu covering the range of udons, curries, sushi, sashimi and other bento boxes.

The restaurant itself is quite small, probably only seating around 20 people, so if you have a big group, I suggest going early. The decor is is reminiscent of a back alley izakaya in Tokyo.

The staff is friendly, service quick and they have some sort of loyalty card system where after 10 visits you get $10 off your next bill.

We arrived at lunch time so it wasn't too hard to get a seat. At lunch they have a special lunchtime menu where certain meals are discounted and they also have some daily specials where you can get a dish free with your purchase e.g. free seaweed salad on Wednesdays etc.

Ginger pork bento box- $14 -  This bento box also came with some a small bowl of miso soup. As you can seen in the photo, there are a number of compartments to this box. Starting from the top, the main dish is the ginger pork. Thin slices of pork fried with a hint of ginger and a smattering of vegetables. To the right is a small garden salad followed by some tempura options including 1 x prawn and 1 x pumpkin slice among others. Down the bottom is the egg and mashed potato and also some jellyfish which you might be able to just make out. The 2 balls in the middle are not takoyaki as I originally thought, but balls of fried potato - similar texture to takoyaki and just as delicious.

Kaarage chicken rice and mini curry udon meal - $10 - This is a dead-set bargain of a meal. Chunks of succulent deep fried chicken with that tantalising (Kewpie maybe?) mayo drizzled on top.  A side garden salad and a mini udon to round off the meal. Not sure if you can tell from below but the bowls are huge. Not the tiny shallow bowls you sometimes get, but the deep bowls filled to the brim. Very good value and tasty to boot.

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