Bistro Hulu, Sydney CBD, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the first anniversary celebrations of Bistro Hulu, a small restaurant located on Liverpool street- just around the corner from the 3 monkeys pub. It's been around for a while but its inconspicuous location has meant that I've never really noticed it. However, since visiting this place, I have been back before and have found the dishes to be quite tasty. 

A combination of different Chinese and Asian cuisines, we were offered a number of sample dishes to try.
Bistro Hulu is full licensed - yay beers for all!

Beautiful live entertainment

Silken tofu with porkfloss - wonderfully smooth tofu  combining with the salty pork floss

Tea smoked duck - the standout dish for me. Really mouthwatering tea smoked duck. Infused with the smokiness and tea flavours but not overpowering. We actually ordered this again when we came back to dine here.

Bloggers doing what bloggers do...

 Crab is a specialty on their menu

We got to try a sample of the Aberdeen style soft shell crab - kinda like a salt and pepper style but with out the salt and pepper and more garlic and shallots - yum

The lunch menu looks delicious also - on my list to try!

The Food Book dined as a guest of Bistro Hulu, HIN group and the Food Critics & Bloggers Association

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