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Guest blogger edition

Shanghai cuisine is one of my go-to options when I can't think of what to eat as there is plenty of variety to the flavours of the dishes and also the size of the servings. It's also quite easy to takeaway any leftovers were you to 'accidentally' order too much. 

A great place for those that work in the city to go to and somewhat hidden away on Castlereagh street is Lynn's Shanghai. The service, taste, portions are great here and there is also a voucher in the Entertainment book if you have one.

We got a table pretty quickly on a Thursday night, but it was by no means dead with plenty of workers and groups chowing down. If you go on a Friday or Saturday, it's best to come early. After placing our order, the food came within 10 minutes.

Pork and crab meat buns - $12.80 - First up, the classic pan-fried buns. Golden and crispy on the bottom, soft white pillowy dough on the top. Bite inside and you break into the sweet juices from the pork and crab meat inside. Be warned though, the soup inside can be very hot!

Pork xiao long bao - $8.80 - Another classic dish. These dumplings had paper thin dumpling pastry on the outside and similar to the buns, a delicious hot soupy meat filling. Dip it into the ginger and vinegar sauce for an additional kick.

Hot and sour soup - $9.80  - The names says it all- a hot and sour soup. Part spicy, part vinegary, loaded with tofu, mushrooms and bamboo shoots. This version was a bit watery for my liking as I'm use to a thicker soup base but the flavours were nice.

Spicy chili chicken - $9.80 - The best version of this dish I had was at the Waitan restaurant in Chinatown. That place had a bit of a rocky start, so not sure if they're still around. Anyways, this chicken dish wasn't as good as the Waitan version but it was definitely tasty. A strong hit of chilli mixed with the peanutty sauce mixed with deboned pieces of chicken. Note that this dish is served cold.

Hokkien Fried Rice - $14.80 - a version of the fried rice which has a thick, rich gravy loaded with shrimps, mushrooms, beans, carrot chicken and dried scallops. On the side is the super fragrant but simple fried egg rice. Mix the two sides together and you have bliss.

As mentioned, it's very easy to take these away and have the next day. I have some of the fried rice and the chicken the next day for lunch and it was still sooooo good.

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  1. Lynn is one of my fave places in Sydney for XLB!

  2. It's one of the good ones- funny enough, I went there again last night!

  3. Beware! They don't honor entertainment book voucher on Anzac day. It is written clearly on terms and conditions that we can use it however they just do not accept. Feel ripped off!

  4. Hey Brian, that is really disappointing to hear as been used the entertainment book voucher here a number of times. It might be worthwhile to give the entertainment book a call to let them know - they're usually really good with this sort of thing and at the very least can warn them to not do this sort of thing again.