Sushi Tei, Sydney CBD, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Back in 2010, thefoodbook visited Sushi Tei, a decent quality Japanese restaurant conveniently located in the central business district, making it a prime lunch time spot for all nearby business workers. Fast forward a few years and Sushi Tei is still a great choice for a feed of Japanese cuisine at either lunch or dinner.

However, the sign at the front says that very soon, you will no longer be able dine at 'Sushi Tei' with the restaurant rebranding into a different name, but keeping the same management, staff and chefs.

What I like most about Sushi Tei is the ever changing menu. Although there is still the huge hardbound book of standard menu items, there is also a seasonal menu that changes depending on the season and the type of food they want to showcase for the month - for example, this month it was Japanese clams.

Japanese clams with mushrooms, shallots, seaweed in a white sauce - $14 - the sauce is light, not too thick, with a subtle creamy flavour, the clams juicy and fresh, the pasta cooked al dente and the mushrooms adding that additional level of texture. Very satisfying.

Yakisoba omelette- $14- a twist on the standard yakisoba Japanese stir fried udon noodles with a thin wrapping of egg. Drizzled with mayo and topped with a variety of toppings, this dish was a step above what you'd normally get.

Break into the omelette and the noodles are revealed!

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