Sinma Laksa House, Ashfield, Sydney

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One of the best crab dishes I've ever had was at Simna laksa house in Kingsford during my uni days. The crab was huge, meaty and delicious. I remember licking the crab shell and sucking my fingers to get every last bit of those tasty morsels of crab meat and sauce.

When my friend mentioned that they had just opened a branch in Ashfield, I was definitely keen on arranging for a visit. And so, it was on this balmy Saturday that we gathered a bunch of our friends and headed to Ashfield to try the new Simna. Located on the main road in Ashfield (Liverpool road), slightly further down the road from the swath of Shanghainese restaurants, it is only a 5 min walk from the mall and there is plenty of parking around the side streets there.

It wasn't too busy but filled up as the night wore on. We had eleven people and were the largest tables there in a relatively smallish restaurant, so it'll be best to book in advance if you have a big group. We placed our orders for crabs and other Singaporean/Malaysian food favourites as well as a tray of icey cold teh tariks to wash it all down.

Singapore Chili crab - $133 - this giant mud crab was totally submerged in a thick, rich Singaporean chili sauce. Although the sauce does have chili in it, it's more of a sweet chili sauce than a hot spicy chili and even the least tolerant of us could handle the heat. The crab itself of packed full of juicy meat and the sauce mopped up with a variety of mantou, roti and rice.

Deep fried mantou buns x 11- $17.60 - deep fried carbohydrate goodness. These bad boys are usually steamed but can also be deep fried to a golden shine below. Under the thin layer of crispiness reveals the pillowy softness of the bun itself - perfect for use in conjunction with the chili sauce.

Stir fry mixed vegetables- $13.80 -  when we order so many deep-fried and 'heaty' items, we just have to have an obligatory vegetable dish.

Whole Hainanese chicken - $35 - a huge whole hainanese chicken. Deboned. Soy sauce. Bean sprouts. Nuff said. Yum.

Oatmeal prawn - $29.50 - A crunchy coating of sweet oatmeals on a bed of deep fried prawns. The prawn shell was fried to the point of being edible. An interesting combination as the oatmeal did have a certain sweetness to it.

Roti canai x 8 - $20 - You can't let all those delicious sauces go to waste. This is when roti comes in handy. Out of the two, mantou is my preference as the roti was a bit thick for my liking.

Curry chicken - $17 - giant hunks of real chicken pieces marinated for hours in the curry sauce until it was literally falling off the bone. My only gripe was the lack of sauce in this dish!

Sambal squid - $23.50 - The classic Malaysian spicy sambal sauce with tender squids.

Salt and pepper flounder - $16.50 - probably not the best dish to order here. Whilst the flavour was there, there was very little meat on the fish as it seemed like the fish was overcooked.

Butter egg crab - $104.50 - probably the best dish of the night in my opinion. The eggy, buttery strands covering the egg were just so freaking amazingly moreish it's not funny. Despite how unhealthy it is to eat something so oily and artery clogging, they were pure strands of goodness. Oh and the crab meat wasn't too bad either, hehe.

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