Taste of Shanghai, Hurstville, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

The problem with Shanghainese restaurants I find these days is that everything on the menu looks so good! This basically means that we end up ordering waaay too much, having to stuff ourselves to the brim or takeaway a doggy bag.

Taste of Shanghai is no exception. The restaurant that originally started in Ashfield (I think) now has chains all across Sydney. On this occasion, we visited the Hurstville branch located on Forest road. Despite it being an early Thursday night, the restaurant was pretty much booked out with lines beginning to run out the door. Lucky for us, we managed to snag a table for two before the crowds descended.

Steamed chicken in red chili oil - $12.80 - a sesame and chili oil sauce lathered over steamed chicken. A dish served cold, however the heat of the chili contrasts nicely with the temperature of the dish. A great starter. Not as good as the version at Waitan though I think

Crab meat Xiao Long Bao - $12.80 - the combination of sweet crab meat with tender pork meat encapsulated within these paper thin dumplings is unbelievably tasty. The trick is to get it all in your mouth without letting the soupy juices inside escape.

Pan fried pork bun - $9.80 - A bargain dish - 8 of these huge buns pan fried till the base is a crispy golden brown colour. Again, there is the mouthwatering soupy juices inside.

Salty fish and diced chicken fried rice - $11.80 - A dish ordered to fill us up in case the first few weren't enough (but they were easily enough). This fried rice was choc full of chicken and salty fish pieces. A tad too fishy for my liking but we demolished this nonetheless.

We staggered out of the restaurant having completely stuffed ourselves .

A great meal.

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