Ken's sushi bar dining, Bexley North, Sydney

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A small, unassuming Japanese restaurant located in the small suburb of Bexley North begets another hidden suburban gem. Much like Sushi Hiro in Beverly Hills, Ken's Sushi Bar Dining is a cozy little Japanese restaurant with owner operators bringing their culinary skills direct from Japan to our shores.

The restaurant is usually very busy with customers on weekends and Friday nights and as it only sits around 20-25 people, booking is a must if you plan to come here for dinner. Your other option is to rock up for lunch and although there is a steady stream of customers even at lunch time, your chance of getting a table is much better.

And so here we were on a warm Saturday afternoon sitting at Ken's and ordering our lunch whilst watching the busy traffic of Bexley Road. They have a special lunch set (shown below) which provides a 2 course meal with or without a drink. It's pretty good value so we opted for this.

Miso soup - your standard miso soup, no qualms having this as a starter.

Two steamed gyoza dumpings and two sushi rolls (per set) - doesn't look like much, but the gyoza is surprisingly plump and juicy, whilst the tuna sushi is also quite nice

Fish Katsu - lightly crumbed fish fillets, piping hot, crunchy with a homemade mayo and side of garden salad, this was sooo moreish.

Whiting tempura with dipping sauce and salad - fresh whiting fillets (although I did have some soft bones in mine) fried to perfection. Really nicely done.

Definitely would go back again for lunch or dinner to try their more extensive menu.

Two word summary - authentic and delicious.

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