Nor yang jin, Strathfield, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

One of the newer restaurants in Strathfield is Noryangjin (which I subsequently found out is a famous fish market in Korea). You could tell it hadn't been open for very long by the huge bouquets and wreaths of flowers that were laying by the door. 

We actually found this place out by mistake and were actually looking for the Korean restaurant that used to be here (apparently it used to serve some Korean rice paper roll dishes?) Anyhoo, given that we were there anyways, and everyone was too lazy to try and find another place to eat, we all ventured in.

The cuisine I'd describe as a fusion between Japanese and Korean.

A selection of ban chan side dishes

Sashimi platter - $55 - we saw someone order this epic looking platter and we had to order it too. Loaded with oysters, tuna, kingfish, snapper, salmon, squid, top shell and sea urchin. Plenty of variety for everyone to dig into and super fresh too.

Fish roe bibimbap dol sot ~ $15 - a pretty different bibimbap dish which didn't have your usual beef dish but instead some refreshing fish roe, adding that crunchy saltiness that it's so well known for. The menu doesn't say dol sot so you will have to ask them for it if you want it in the stone pot (so worth it because it tastes so much better).

Kimchi pork belly pancake ~$15 - probably the least favourite of the dishes. Couldn't really taste the pork belly and the pancake batter tasted undercooked and soggy :(

Deep fried calamari ~$18 - an interesting combination of crunchy fried calamari, tangy mayo and salty fish roe.

Dragon roll I think? ~$15 - This was a really great sushi roll. Inside were crumbed prawns, rolled in fish roe topped with crunchy shreds of vermicelli and drizzled with mayo.


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