Gourmet Taste Seafood restaurant, Beverly Hills, Sydney

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The main strip of Beverly Hills located on King Georges Road is known to some as 'Eat street'. An entire street dedicated to restaurants from a wide range of cuisines, ranging from German to Chinese to Italian to Greek to the recently opened Korean style coffee shop.

Despite how busy the area can get on a Friday and Saturday night, this doesn't stop the crowds descending en masse to Eat street to satisfy their cravings. On this occasion, we ventured down the street, undecided on where we wanted to eat but wanting to try somewhere we hadn't been before.

We decided to try one of the many Chinese restaurants - Gourmet Taste. Walking into the restaurant, the staff were polite and quick with their service, promptly finding us a table, bringing our complimentary tea and nibbles of nuts,pickled radish and carrot.

Complimentary salted roast peanuts and pickled vegetables

Complimentary Asian style soup of the day - today it was a vegetable, pork bone and carrot soup. I love the complimentary soup you get at Chinese restaurants, they're usually light, but have nice flavours, just enough to whet your appetite for the upcoming dishes (although some people say these soups are full of MSG).

Shan dong chicken -$18.80- a relatively standard dish for a Chinese restaurant, but it seems to be done slightly differently at each one. Here the chicken is cooked to perfection - crispy skin on the outside, moist tender meat on the inside and best of all de-boned! Furthermore, the punchy Shan dong sauce, with its signature shallots and chillis came in a separate bowl. This meant that you could control the amount of sauce on the chicken and at the same time preserve the crispy skin - ingenious! 

The Shan dong sauce

Beef cubes with wasabi sauce - $22.80 - a fusion type of dish combining Chinese style stir fry beef with Japanese wasabi flavours. In this interpretation, hunks of tender beef is coated with a layer of wasabi flavoured sauceon a bed of snow peas. On the side is some light mayo for dipping. I found this dish to be pretty tasty, but I love the taste of wasabi so would have liked the sauce to have a bit more of a kick to it.

Complimentary dessert soup to finish the meal - pumpkin and sago - yummm. They also gave us a small dish of fruits - watermelon and orange. The perfect palate cleanser and a great way to finish the meal.

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