Zeta bar - Apres ski, Hilton, Sydney CBD

Guest blogger edition

Think about all the things associated with a luxury cabin lodge high up in the Swiss alps, perhaps the kind that the rich and famous would go to for their annual skiing holidays..... this is what the Zeta bar hopes to bring to life at their Friday night events this winter.

At their rooftop bar each Friday, the Zeta is transformed into an apres ski themed event, complete with its own open fires, toasted marshmallows, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine. The perfect place to warm yourselves and your buddies this winter.

Backdrop of snow capped  mountains and wait staff getting dressed with the theme, hehe, cute :)

Roast Pork Buns - Crunchy bread rolls with slices of roast pork and coriander (and other ingredients I can't remember). A real stomach filler, thin and tender pork combining nicely with the freshness of the coriander. Reminded me a bit of Vietnamese pork rolls but with a Western twist.

A huge bowl of marshmallows ready to be dipped in the chocolate fondue or gently toasted in the open fire.

Freshly sliced strawberries- also for dipping into the chocolate fondue.

Open log fires, hot enough to warm even the coldest hands. I don't know why, but just the smell of a wood fire is already enough to start warming me up. It also doubles perfectly as a marshmallow toaster and a chestnut roaster.

A hot pan of chestnuts roasting.

Apart from the chocolate fondues, they also have cheese fondues with crusty hunks of bread and vegies for dipping. Also, they had some gourmet prawns, natural oysters and garlic mushrooms -mmmmm.

One of the many cocktails created for the theme - a vodka based cocktail frozen to the consistency of a sorbet with lime flavours, ginger and garnished with mint. Very refreshing.

Homemade lollipops, dipped in chocolate in a glassful of fairy floss- makes me feel like a kid again!

The Food Book attended as a guest of Zeta bar and SBPR.

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