Burger shed, Mosman, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

We happened to be around Mosman one weekend and we decided to drop by on their main strip for some lunch. There were a number of small cafes on the main strip but we decided to try The Burger Shed. The idea behind Burger shed is that they serve nice burgers using local and fresh ingredients, prepared on the spot and aiming to give full flavours to the burgers.

Run by Justin North (remember the guy that gave the Sydney CBD one of the best $10 lunch burgers ever at Plan B?), I was looking forward to try out this new menu of burgers. As you can see from the menu, the burgers are pretty reasonably priced for the location and there is a variety of items for you to choose from or you can also customise your burger with some of the extras. You can choose to either dine in  at their small dining area or get takeaway. There was some special deals if you wanted to get takeaway, but otherwise no difference in the menu items. As they have to cook the burgers to order, if you come during a busy period, there might be a bit of a wait. 

Be warned, the burgers can get a bit messy to eat!

The summer fishburger -fried fillet of local fish, iceberg lettuc, fennel slaw, zesty lime and caper dressing - $13. A pretty decent fish burger, a light tempura style batter with a crispy salad topping. Little overpowering flavours allows the fish to be the star of this burger.

The Classic Shed Burger - Grass fed Angus + Wagyu patty, cheese, miso, bbq onions, tomato relish and pickles. - $12  - The more flavoursome of the two burgers, a juicy beef patty topped with cheese and miso sauce. Delicious.

Side of fries - $4 - Really really good fries- super crispy on the outside but still soft and fluffy on the inside with just the right amount of salt.

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  1. If it doesn't get messy, it's not a good burger, I say! lol