Pok Lol, Street diner, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

One of the stalls that seems to pop up everyone now and then at street food festivals is the Poklol. I've seen them before at the night noodle market and also at the street truck festival at Belmore park, but never actually tried them.

Run by the team that runs BBQ city (the Korean bbq joint in the Sydney CBD), they take a modern twist on the traditional pork rolls (and also tacos), fusing these dishes with some more Korean fillings.

The banh mi (pork roll) comes in a number of different fillings to choose from including spicy pork, wagyu beef and beef bulgogi to name a few. We chose the beef bulgoi and also topped it off with some spicy mayo sauce, hehe. Cost was $10.

I'd have to say that whilst the filling was nice, I found the roll itself disappointing. One thing I've learnt over the years is that the a lot of the pork roll quality can be found in the quality of the bread. I prefer the bread to be the bread rolls which are crusty on the outside but somewhat soft on the inside. Where you can crunch through the roll but not have to gnaw through it get a bit off. In this instance, the bread roll was more of the dinner roll type - not crunchy on the outside, but more soft overall. This softness made it a bit difficult for the pork roll to come together - especially since the topping of bulgogi beef had its own juices that made the bread somewhat soggy =(

Taco 3 for $15 i think? Similar to the pork roll options but with a soft taco shell instead. Probably the better of the two i think.


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