PHO Mumum & Papa Roll, Broadway, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Sydney's version of Central Park near Broadway is slowly becoming a cool place to hang out, even before the area is fully developed. The futuristic looking apartment blocks with the shimmering lights links up to a ground floor retail area and a couple of metres down, a number of new restaurants have popped up.

We decided to try one of these places. This restaurant has two parts, a bread roll part and a sit down and eat part. The bread roll part serves the pork roll and its variants, whilst the sit down and eat part serves both Vietnamese cuisine as well as pub food, such as steak and chips. They also do daily specials e.g. $10 steak and chips. There is seating outside, but honestly, I'm not sure who would want to eat on the sidewalk of Parramatta road - one of the busiest roads in Sydney.

I'm not sure if it was just because I was starving, but every tables food looked delicious and I had some difficulty choosing what to eat. We eventually both went for the Vietnamese meals.

Beef and spring roll vermicelli salad ~ $13 - this salad was huge and packed full of ingredients. Lucky I was starving so I smashed it down, but I think I may have had some difficulties if it was a normal meal! Really really surprisingly tasty!

Beef pho ~$11 - pretty decent pho here also. Large serving size with mounds of noodles and rare beef- yummmmm

One word of warning though, the waiter stuffed up our order for pho a number of times and even when we raised it, it took them 5 minutes of discussing with other waiters to sort it out. Not impressed with the service what-so-ever. It totally sucks when the table next to you arrives 10 minutes after you and gets their meal first even though you ordered the same dish. GRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr

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  1. Looks like a decent place for pho especially if I was still at UTS :)

  2. Hi Mr C - its fairly close to the new Central park area which seems to be opening up a bunch of new restaurants - might be the new hip place to eat in Sydney!