Double Roasters, Marrickville

Guest blogger edition

A popular cafe located on the Sydneham side of Marrickville, this place serves great coffee which is very popular and is also not too shabby for food. It's normally packed out on weekends so you have to go early! Arriving at around 930-10am, the place was already bustling with patrons but we were lucky enough to get a table for two.

The cafe has opened up more space than previously meaning that they've been able to squeeze in more tables. It's a pretty friendly staff working here and plenty of young families with kids were also here.

We ordered our coffees and our meals and just watched the numerous takeway people come in and out whilst we waited.

Flat white ~3.50 - great smooth coffees- with funny unique spoons, lol

Cappuccino ~3.50

Eggs benedict with ham on crusty bread ~$15 - the bread here was super crusty and the poached eggs perfect. My only gripe is that I had a sore throat and the bread was a bit too crusty for my poor throat :(

Zucchini and corn fritters + poached egg and smoked salmon + dill ~$13 - probably the more flavoursome of the two dishes, with the fritters packed full of flavour as well as the smoked salmon. A piece of toast or something would have been great to balance out these strong flavours I think.

Overall a recommended breakfast/brunch/coffee place to visit.

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  1. What time does this place in Marrickville close? A lot of places do continue serving brunch/breakfast past the normal brekkie hours and the stuff you had to eat looks like it would totally go for a lunch meal!

  2. Hi Mark, not too sure actually but my guess is that they would also be open for lunch!