Woolmers Estate, Longford, Tasmania

Guest blogger edition

Around Australia, there are 11 heritage convict sites which express the key aspects of life in the Australian convict era. These have been identified to be of significant global value and to be preserved as much as possible. Tasmania has a significant number of these sites and one of these is Woolmers estate in Longford.

Part of the Archer family estate, the Woolmers site covers a huge expanse of land and has been restored to show how people would have lived in those times with a number of buildings which can be visited such as a blacksmith, cider house and stable.

There is also a rustic restaurant/cafe which serves simple foods in one of the heritage buildings. Walking into the building it really does feel like you have stepped back in time with the big sandstone bricks, the hand made wooden doors and the stone floors.

We decided to have lunch here and ordered some basic items from the menu. They also serve Devonshire tea which seemed to be popular with the other patrons.

Chicekn pot pie and side of salad - ~$15 A delicious ramekin of juicy tender pieces of chicken with a fresh puff pastry top and a garden salad on the side. Light and yummy.

Potato and Leek soup with cheesy savoury scone ~$10.  Really nice soup, rich and full of flavour and the scone was the perfect accompaniment to mop up the soup. Only complaint is that there wasn't enough soup!

If I had food like this back in the convict days, I would be a happy chappy indeed. Rustic and hearty homecooked meals. Overall a pleasant and light lunch.

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