Miss Saigon, Hurstville, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

A cold windy autumn day makes the best conditions for a nice hot bowl of soupy noodles to warm you up from the inside. On Forest Road in Hurstville, there is a Vietnamese restaurant that has been around for at least 10 years. Having been around for so long, it usually means that the restaurant is usually pretty decent and Miss Saigon is a pretty good local pho shop.

We ordered some standard dishes and before too long they arrived - hurray!

Beef and beef noodle soup ~$15 - piping hot and choc full of beef balls and rare beef, all that awaited was a huge pile of bean sprouts! The soup base here is not as herby as some other ones I've had but quite tasty.

Complimentary sprouts

Bun Bo Hue~$12 - my spelling of this dish is probably not right but I have no idea how to write it >_< It's not always on the menu (it's not on this one) but you can usually order it verbally. You can try to pronounce what I wrote and see if they understand. Bascially its a spicy soup base with a silky udon like noodle and a mix of toppings in the soup, such as beef and vietnamese ham.

Vietnamese spring roll $10 - we probably didn't need to order these 5 huge spring rolls as the two bowls of soup noodles were more than enough for two people, but I did not regret ordering them. Deep fried to a crunchy goodnesss on the outside and filled with pork and vegies on the side, dipping them into the vinegary sauce was just perfection- I'm drooling as I'm typing this out now.....yummm....

A great place to go for a quick pho hit in Hurstville.

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