Barilla Bay Oysters, Hobart, Tasmania

Guest blogger edition

Barillay Bay oysters is an oyster farm and oyster seller and restaurant located on the main highway between Port Arthur and Hobart. It is around a 5-10 minute drive from Hobart airport.

We really wanted to try out the oysters from here and so even though we totally didn't have time, we managed to drop by at 930am (they open at 9am) and grab some fresh oysters for breakfast, hehe. They can also package them up for you to take on a plane if you wish (for a price).

The oysters we got along with some wasabi soy suace and lemons. The oysters were super fresh and lovely with a strong brine-y flavour. The soy sauce was probably more than was required as the oysters were alreayd salty, but the wasabi with the oysters were a match made in heaven.

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