Carlisle bar, Potts Point, Sydney

 Guest blogger edition

A plush new bar has recently opened up at Pott's Point and I was lucky enough to be invited to their special opening for food bloggers to try their tapas menu!

The bar is a little bit hard to find, with the entrance on Kellett street but with a dark, black shop front. Inside, there are three main areas, the first being a small bar at the front, followed by the main room where there are nice comfy couches and tables for small groups to chill and lastly a downstairs bar which has in the middle a giant tree covered with lights.

We were served a sample from their tapas menu and they conveniently organised the food to be photographed with their descriptions, hehe.

Tortilla chips with chunky pieces of fresh avocado -yum!

Apparently this haloumi is house made by the 86 year old grandma of the executive chef and only distributed to three outlets in Sydney.

This beef tenderloin was so soft and flavoursome...

Definitely my favourite cocktail of the night, real nice whisky

So many other options to try next time!

Definitely a place to suggest for the next Friday night drinks!


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