So Good, Wolli Creek, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

If you know much about Wolli creek, you will probably know that it is close the airport and has been booming with numerous high rise apartments being built around the area. So much so that I am beginning to feel that the suburb has lost its soul and character, with nothing around except modern tall apartments surrounding the skyline. Apart from a brand new Woolworth's there is literally only a handful of other shops and eateries scattered around.

One of those eateries is the Chinese restaurant 'So good'. Whilst it might be because there is limited options around Wolli Creek, I found this restaurant to be fairly decent for Chinese cuisine. Nothing spectacular but nothing dodgy. Some nice simple Chinese restaurant staples for when you just don't have the time to cook yourself.

On this occasion, we ordered a chicken dish and a beef dish. The chicken dish was actually really nice!
The old favourite of crispy skin chicken was made that extra bit more tasty by adding a soy sauce dressing and shredded ginger and shallots. These extra toppings are usually what you find on steamed fish at a Chinese restaurant - who would have thought that it would go so well with crispy skin chicken! We were left fighting over the last strands of shallots by the end of the meal.

The other dish was bitter melon and beef. Bitter melon is one of those Asian vegetables that you either hate it or you love it. It can have quite a bitter taste depending on the melon and this can shock some taste buds. Surprisingly I used to hate this melon when I was little but now appreciate this bitter flavour that you don't find in many dishes these days. The beef was the usual stir fry variety but eaten with the bitter melon, it was like a match made in heaven. Only criticism is that there was too much melon and not enough beef.

Whilst not the best Chinese restaurant, So Good is definitely a welcome addition to the Wolli Creek neighbourhood. I really hope that as more apartment blocks are being built, they leave some room for shops and other outlets to add some character to the suburb.

Crispy skin chicken with ginger and shallots ($13.80)

Beef and bitter melon in black bean sauce ($14.80)

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  1. Wow, didn't know there were any restos in Wolli Creek! But it looks legit, despite the name...

  2. Hi Tina, it isn't much, but it's something! hopefully they'll expand the options once the other developments are completed