Marrickville Ritz Hotel, Marrickville

Guest blogger edition

Having taken inspiration from grabyourfork's blog post on the recently renovated Marrickville Ritz hotel and being a regular of the restaurants of Marrickville (but mainly the Vietnamese ones), I took this opportunity to check out the Ritz myself.

The Ritz truly has had a glizty makeover and the place looks a lot more inviting that it used to be, within open shop front where people can sit and eat and inside it nicely renovated with chairs, stools and tables in a large wide dining area. The place looked very suitable for families to bring their kids to eat, and there were a few families eating there whilst we were there.

We ordered at the bar poured ourselves some water and sat down at a table towards the front and awaited our meals.

 Prawn and Chorizo Linguine ($18)

Chicken Parmigiana ($17.50)

Overall I'd say the food is better than your usual pub grub, with decent side servings too. There were numerous prawns in the linguine and the ingredients tasted fresh. The chicken parma was moist and tender inside (the worse parmas are when the meat is tough and dry on the inside).

Slightly more expensive than I'd imagine but pretty tasty dishes. Would go again but not all the time given the slightly dear prices, although they do have daily specials which might suit us budget conscious people a bit more.

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  1. It's amazing to see how quickly Marrickville is changing. Just waiting for Banana Joes next door to become a gourmet providore. lol.