Byron Burger, Angel (London)

While I was out and about exploring London, I saw this burger chain called Byron Burger often enough to pique my interest.  I looked it up online and found mixed reviews.  Funnily enough, the most negative reviews were focused solely on the decor - people strongly disliked the intentionally rundown interiors.

I decided to see for myself.  I visited the Angel branch of the chain and to be honest, I thought the interiors looked like any number of cafes in Sydney.  Isn't rundown the new chic?
The menu is fairly short and you choose your burger, sides and dessert.  Oh, and milkshakes of course.  Everything comes separately - I don't think they do meal combos. 

I ordered the Oreo milkshake and my friend had the Vanilla. Both milkshakes were huge and I couldn't finish mine, despite desperately sucking as much as I could through the wide straw.

Oreo and Vanilla milkshake (£4.25 each)

All of their meat patties are made with freshly ground beef from Scotland and is usually cooked medium.  I decided to have their Cheeseburger and selected American cheese. Why American cheese?  There is just something about the almost fluroscent cheese that makes a burger, a burger.

Cheeseburger (£7.95)
served with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayonnaise

It arrived on a wide plate with a pickle on the side.  The burger was on the smaller side and for £7.95, it wasn't cheap.  On the whole, I thought it was a nice burger.  Nothing unexpected.

French Fries (£2.95)

We also ordered a side of French Fries to share and they were your everyday fries.  The bowl was on the smaller side as well so I would recommend getting your own serving if you're hungry.

The service was fast and friendly.  I would probably go again, but there is a Shake Shack in Covent Garden that is calling my name so it may be a while until I revisit Byron Burger...

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  1. lol American cheese is strangely alluring, especially when it's all melted and gooey!

  2. Shake Shack! I am glad to see you have made at least 1 friend