Allpress Espresso, Shoreditch (London)

I like how there are several cafes and bars in London which remind me of the ones back home.  My friend suggested that we meet for a sneaky Monday brunch at Allpress Espresso in trendy Shoreditch.  I did a quick google and turns out they are a NZ based with a location in Zetland as well!

As soon as I walked into the cafe, I liked the feel of it.  It was light, airy, spacious and several people were scattered about, leisurely reading the newspaper or typing away on laptops.

We commandeered a comfy bench seat in the corner and went to order at the counter. The menu was fairly short and I decided to go for a coffee and sandwich. The food came out really quickly and the service was friendly too.

Smoked salmon and celeriac remoulade sandwich (£6.00)

Large flat white (£3.10)

I don't know if I'm in the minority, but I really like celeriac! I like it pureed, cubed, shredded.  That taste of celery without the crunch of celery is just yum! Although I like celery stalks too. 

The sandwich was normal sized (not big, not too small) and the bread had been toasted to a crunch.  The coffee was good coffee.

Quinoa cakes, chickpea and pistachio dukkar (£7.00)


My friend ordered the quinoa cakes.  She said that they were tasty and she looked like she was having a lot of fun assembling the wraps.

I can't wait until I have some Sydney visitors and I can bring them to this cafe for a feel of home!

Allpress Espresso
58 Redchurch Street 
Shoreditch  E2 7DP

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