Sadhana Kitchen, Newtown

Let me start off by saying that this is not my usual type of choice for venue.  I tend to steer pretty clear of healthy eating and towards the other end of the spectrum - gluttinous eating.  So when my friend suggested Sadhana Kitchen in Newtown, I looked it up and wrinkled my nose but agreed to meet there.  After all, food bloggers have to experience it all!

Sadhana Kitchen is located past the King St/Enmore Road split and in a little side alley street.  I like places that are on the Enmore side of Newtown because parking is slightly easier to find.   The cafe specialises in raw, organic and vegan eating.

We sat at a table outside in the sun.  Ordering is done inside at the cash register where a homely little set up is located with a small kitchen and indoor seating.

Green smoothie ($8.50)

Tropical paradise tea - oolong tea with tropical fruits ($4.50)

The thing about a small setup is that they seem to run out of food quite frequently.  I was waiting in line to order and the lady before me asked for two options which were both sold out. When it was my turn, I asked for the Pad Thai but that was sold out as well.  I ended up with a zucchini pasta which was one of their specials of the day.

Zucchini pasta with pesto ($15.00)

Sadhana Lasagne ($15.00)
Zucchini pasta, cultured cashew cheese, basil pesto, walnut mince, wilted spinach and chunky tomato sauce

Honestly, my zuchinni pasta tasted like salad in a bowl with some pesto dressing.  It did taste very light and fresh (as salads do).

The staff were not super friendly - when our dishes were delivered to our table without any cutlery, we asked the waiter for cutlery and were met with a huffed 'You were meant to get it when you ordered'.  Jeez Louise, no one told us that when we ordered. 

Dining at Sadhana Kitchen did feel relaxing but maybe that was all in my head with the Newtown hippy vibe and the mellow sunshine.

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  1. I'm not normally one who eats vegan but I have been intrigued by this place for a while! A shame about the service though.

  2. Hi Helen: It's worth a visit, there is a nice calm atmosphere there, especially if you sit outside and it's sunny!