Chur Burger, Surry Hills

I mourned the loss and closure of Albion Street Kitchen, it seems as though its life was so short lived and I only got to visit once!  When I heard that it had been replaced by a burger venture, I wasn't super excited - it seems like there is no shortage of 'upscale fast food' joints in Sydney these days.  Nevertheless, I still had to go see what the fuss was about, especially since Chur Burger is parading around the line of 'Voted the best burger in Sydney'.

It was a Friday night and the place was pumping, literally.  The music was so loud, I was straining to hear the staff stationed at the door and she was standing less than a metre from me!  It turned out she was saying that we had to put our names down for a table and we agreed to hover awkwardly around the front door until a table became free. 

We waited for about ten to fifteen minutes and two spots at the counter facing the windows became free.  We had ordered while we were waiting for a table and the food arrived separately, with the milkshake coming out first, then the burgers, then the fries a bit later.

Salted caramel milkshake ($8)
Sweet potato fries ($5)
My salted caramel milkshake was large in size and I guzzled it down but didn't manage to finish it.  I liked the caramel flavour and it definitely went well with the burger. 

I would have liked more flavour on the sweet potato fries, the taste reminded me of the baked sweet potato that I occasionally eat at home.

Pulled pork burger with red slaw and fennel mayo ($10)
Spiced chickpea fritter burger with grated beetroot and honey labne ($10)

I was disappointed by the pulled pork burger.  The consistency of the pulled pork reminded me of tuna, it was too soft - I like my pulled pork to be lightly shredded with some bite to it.  The flavour of the pork was very sweet and I made a bit of a mess as there was a lot of watery sauce running out of the burger.  My friend enjoyed her chickpea burger.

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  1. Wish that more places offered sweet potato fries! They're so deliciously addictive. You were lucky you only had to wait 15min on a Friday night too!

  2. Hi Helen: Yes, they told us the wait would be half an hour but we were happy that it was much less!

  3. I went at an "off time" for a late lunch and the place was empty - phew. I liked my burger...didn't love it. I'm not sure how I feel about the place. The chips were great, but our sweet potato friends were inconsistent in shape so not all were cooked. D'oh.

  4. Oh what a shame! It sounds a bit hit and miss (and the fries look a bit soft!).

  5. I've yet to try the pulled pork burgers! My wait was about 3 minutes on a Sat for lunch :)

  6. I'm a bit over pulled pork, but I've heard good things about the beef and fish burgers here!

  7. Hi Missy Piggy: I think lunchtime would be a much better time to visit. I think I feel the same as you, a bit 'meh'!

    Hi Lorraine: Yes the sweet potato fries weren't crunchy, of the softer variety.

    Hi Mr C: A three minute wait is awesome!

    Hi Tina: I was just thinking to myself today that pulled pork has been such a fad in Sydney! And wondering when the next protein fad is coming along.