Momiji, Burwood

There is nothing better on these cold winter nights than a steaming hot bowl of ramen.  On one such cold night, we had just finished watching Despicable Me 2 (which I loved by the way) and we were feeling hungry.  I recalled reading about an authentic ramen place on Burwood Road and whipped out my phone to google the location.

Momiji is a small Japanese restaurant next to the Westfield shopping centre - if you're leaving Burwood Westfield via Burwood Road, it is just across the traffic lights to your right.

The inside of Momiji is very no-frills with a simple laminated menu and Japanese signage scattered around.
There were only two other tables occupied and the restaurant felt very quiet.  A friendly waitress hurried over to greet and seat us with menus.

I had heard that their hand rolls were good so I ordered one to try as a little snack.

Prawn hand roll ($2.50)

The hand roll was REALLY good!  Warm rice, crisp seaweed and an unusual combination of prawn with cucumber and shitake mushroom. I could have happily ordered a few more to try, but needed to save stomach space for the ramen.

Pork Soup Sho-Yu Ramen ($8.80)

The noodles are buried under the toppings in this picture but they were the thin type ramen noodle.  The soup was rich and I liked it, but it wasn't mind blowing for me.

Ebi Tempura Udon ($10.80)

My friend ordered the udon and found it to her liking. The prawns were piping hot, as was the soup and the crispy coating melted quickly despite my cries for her to fish the prawns out of the bowl.

Soft shell crab ($13.80)

The serving size of the soft shell crab was generous and came out on a big bed of shredded lettuce.  It was mixed in with thinly sliced shitake mushroom and more of that mysterious sauce which had been on my prawn hand roll.  

Overall, their dishes tasted very fresh and service was friendly.  Prices were reasonable and ended up coming to about $20 per person. 


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  1. Hi chocolatesuze: It's such a good combination of deep fried batter and soft crabby insides!