La Rosa Bar and Pizza, Sydney CBD

La Rosa Bar and Pizza is the sister venue of Pendolino and both restaurants are located in The Strand Arcade.  I have been to Pendolino a few times in the past and really enjoyed their food so I convinced my friend to try La Rosa with me.

It was a rainy Friday night and we walked into a packed restaurant.  There was a corporate function on that night and it was loud because we were seated right next to the party.

The first thing that I noticed was how dark it was.  Just like at Pendolino, you will need a reading light to see your menu and my friend commented that she couldn't see my face.  These photos are the result of holding the reading light over the table.  I hope someone out there will appreciate my efforts!

After a long week, I deserved a cocktail and ordered a Frangelico Agrumato.  My friend ordered a pineapple juice and when the waiter dropped off the drinks, he gave the cocktail to my friend and told her it was the pineapple juice.  A silly mistake to make! And then my friend had started sipping my cocktail before I tasted the juice and realised his error.

 Frangelico Agrumato ($17.50) and Pineapple juice ($4.50)

We were very hungry and ordered a fair bit between the two of us, starting with entrees. I was happy that the food came out quickly.

Vine Ripened Tomato and Black Olive Bruschetta with Salted Ricotta ($14.90) 

The bruschetta was standard, nothing amazing.  The ingredients did taste very fresh and I liked the grilled flavour of the bread.

Fried Baby Calamari with Fried Onions, Herbs and Olives and Spicy Cuttlefish Ink and Tomato Sauce ($17.00)

I expect fried calamari to be pretty oily but this surpassed even my expectations in oiliness.  There was a puddle of oil at the bottom of the small bowl. My friend and I noticed a lot of 'fillers' in the bowl as well e.g. cloves of garlic, bits of garlic skin, herb sprigs.  I could have done without all of that.  The cuttlefish ink and tomato sauce was too spicy for my tastebuds but I had a tiny taste and was impressed by how much flavour was packed into it.  

Gamberi e Zucchine
Prawns, Zucchini, Tomato, Mozzarella and Garlic ($27.50)

 Pizza Bianca with Porcini Puree, Portobello Mushrooms , Mozzarella and B├ęchamel ($25.50)
I had ordered the Funghi pizza after reading good reviews online.  I found it to be one of those pizzas where the first slice tastes great, the second slice tastes good but the third slice is a bit too much of the same thing.  There was a lot of oil dripping off the pizza and I ended up boxing the rest up to take home.

We were in the mood to indulge with ordering dessert and tea.

English Breakfast tea ($4.00)

Traditional Potato Dough Doughnuts with Vanilla Bean Gelato ($14.50)

Mixed cannoli with vanilla cream, chocolate cream and nocciola cream ($13.00)

Again based on reviews, I had ordered the Zeppola - and the waiter also recommended it on the night.  It did not disappoint - freshly deep fried doughnut with caramel and vanilla bean gelato.  Warm, fluffy dough that disappeared with a few spoonfuls.  Yum!

The total bill for the two of us came to $142.40 so it wasn't a meal for the poor but we did order a fair bit. I wasn't blown away by La Rosa so I think I will stick with Pendolino next time.

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  1. hehe i appreciate your lighting efforts! that donut sounds incredible

  2. Hi chocolatesuze: Thanks for the sweet sound of appreciation!

  3. There isn't anything else that I'd prefer on a night out in Sydney than some sticky, sweet, carbo-loaded dessert - and the cannoli and zeppola looks ike it might be exactly what I'm looking for!


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