Suminoya, Sydney CBD

Suminoya is one of my favourite places to eat with friends. Not only is there fun novelty value to try and order as much food as possible and cook it within the 90 minute time limit, but there is also a great variety of side dishes on the menu too (which don't require any cooking).

I believe I can call myself a seasoned Suminoya visitor and here are my tips for a successful visit:
  • dress casually in old clothes because you are going to leave smelling of bbq smoke.  The smoke is impossible to escape despite the little vents above each grill;
  • each time you call the waiter over, try to order as much as possible because it is a pain trying to get their attention.  There never seem to be enough staff to service the hungry buffet customers so when you manage to flag one down, make sure you order as much as you can to save yourself trying to catch them again;
  • if possible, get a table upstairs - the one time that I sat downstairs, we were tucked away in a corner and it was even more impossible to catch the attention of staff;
  • last order is taken after 60 minutes but you can continue to cook until the 90 minutes is up; and
  • lastly, this is a bit harsh but my personal preference is to go with other seasoned Suminoya visitors!  Going with other people who know how Suminoya works is an added bonus because the whole dinner runs more efficiently - everyone assumes their cooking positions, plates are quickly moved around the table as the food lands, meat is rapidly maneuvered around the grill for even cooking and other small gems e.g. seasoned visitors know not to freak out when the grill goes up in flames and almost singes your eyebrows - just move the tinfoil items to smother the fire!
There are two dinner buffet options - the regular selection for $45 and the premium selection  for $55.  We usually choose the premium option because it includes sashimi.

Here are some photos from my most recent visit to Suminoya - I wanted to take some more pics but seasoned visitors know there is no time to waste when there is a time limit on eating!

Some of the sides - kimchee, sashimi (scallop, salmon, kingfish and tuna) and edamame

Here is another tip - the sashimi is listed on the menu as 2 pcs each so when you order, make sure to multiply it by how many pieces you actually want.

Seafood and seaweed salad

This is my favourite salad on the Suminoya menu, I usually order two bowls for myself because it is so yummy! It has a spicy wasabi mayo dressing and some thin slices of salmon sashimi, prawns and seaweed on top of mixed leaves.

Protein cooking on the grills - mmm...

 And of course, dessert!  In my opinion, the best dessert item is the green tea ice cream.  Since it is a buffet, I usually order a few more things to try that I never end up finishing.  To the right of the green tea ice cream is an apple sorbet and strawberry fruiche.

You must understand that these pictures depict about one-twentieth of the food consumed on the night.  There hasn't been a time where I haven't left Suminoya feeling absolutely stuffed to the gills, swearing that I'm not coming back for at least another year.

But who can resist another visit?

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