Pho Viet, Cabramatta

I rarely make the trek out to Cabramatta and am a bit of a newbie when it comes to eating in 'Little Vietnam'. But fear not, Luke Nguyen compiled his list of favourite places to eat in Cabramatta and I slavishly followed his direction to Pho Viet on John Street for lunch.

It was a Saturday lunchtime and every table was already taken, save for one.  Unfortunately for us, it was right next to the entrance. Is there anything worse than cold wind intermittently blowing in and out as people enter and exit?  (Maybe the table closet to the toilet).

When we spotted another table had freed up, we asked to move to the better table and it was no problem at all for the friendly staff.

Soon after we ordered, a plate of pho accompaniments hit the table.  My keen-eyed friend spotted a caterpillar on the Thai basil! Eek! We saved the furry critter....well, I averted my eyes - I am not sure what happened to it.  I think it was placed safely on the table to freely roam about.

We ordered three different types of pho.

Standard pho - rare beef rice noodle soup
I had the original pho and was impressed by the intense colour of the broth.  It was a large bowl and I was stuffed by the time I finished.  The beef was thinly sliced, just how I like it.

My companions ordered the 'Special Pho' and Pho with tripe.

Again, both bowls were big and they loved the flavour of the broth.

Thanks to Luke Nguyen for his recommendation! I will have to return to Cabramatta to try another place for pho - it seems like everyone has their favourite along John Street and I need to compare!

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  1. I'll be going to Sydney this week and am looking forward to visiting a Vietnamese restaurant or two while I'm there. Pho Viet does look good but eeek @ finding an insect amongst the greenery!

  2. Hi Libby: Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoyed your visit to Sydney!I was a bit startled to find the little bug but bravely ate on!