Abhi's Indian Restaurant, North Strathfield

I discovered Abhi's Indian Restaurant in the Entertainment Book and after searching for reviews online, found out that it is a rather popular place.  It is the sister restaurant to Aki's Indian Restaurant in Woolloomooloo which proudly boasts one SMH chef's hat on its website.  No chef's hat for the North Strathfield setup but the reviews prompted me to make a booking instead of just dropping by.

It was very crowded for a Saturday night and I was glad that we made the booking.  Although it was a cold night outside, it was very hot and stuffy inside the restaurant.

Coca Cola ($4.00) and Mango Lassi ($4.50)

The Mango lassi tasted ok.  A sweet yoghurt drink that is good for cooling the mouth after hot curries.

Chatpata squid ($18)
Salt and pepper squid dusted with spiced flour, lightly fried and served with a tamarind and ginger dipping sauce

We ordered the fried squid to share as an entree and it didn't take long to come out.  It was very hot and coated in a light batter.  The portion size was on a smaller side.

After we finished the entree and the plate was cleared away, we found ourselves waiting a long time for the rest of the meal came out.  After a while, we started to look at our watches and the other tables around us - who also didn't have any food on the table.  All up, we timed that we waited about 50 minutes in between the entree and the main.  Not to sound like a big whinger but I had developed a big headache from the stuffiness of air inside and just wanted the food to arrive already!  My friend was also feeling poorly from hunger. 

When the food finally arrived, we fell upon it like a pair of rabid wolves.

Garlic naan bread ($4.20)

The garlic naan was fresh and good to mop up the curry sauce.

Vegetable pilau ($3.80)

I picked the vegetable pilau for us to share and I was glad - the veggies add more flavour and colour to the meal.

Chicken makhni ($21.80)
Tender boneless chicken roasted in tandoor then finished in pan with a subtly flavoured blend of fenugreek, tomato and cream

It was an interesting bowl that was used to serve the chicken - I was impressed that none of the sauce spilled out onto the shallow end at the bottom.  Having said that, we had to be careful when scooping it out of the bowl. The chicken was good - slightly overcooked and a few pieces were tough but the flavours in the sauce were nice.

Seafood Moily ($26.80)
A Kerala favourite of prawns, scallops and fish with ground coconut, onions, tomato, fresh curry leaves and mustard seeds.

The seafood moily reminded me of the laksa that I like to get for lunch from Happy Chef.  The coconut soup tasted exactly the same!  My friend hardly ate any of this dish and I was forced to do clean up duty on it - I felt like it would have been a shame to waste given how long we had waited for the meal!

I probably wouldn't come back.  The food was nice but quite average and not standout enough for a return visit.  It is on the pricier side but definitely seemed popular with the locals. 

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