The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria

It seems like half of Sydney is flocking to The Grounds of Alexandria and I am one of the last to try this trendy new place.  Slap on the wrist for me!

It was a Sunday morning and we decided to visit for brunch.  After parking on Huntley Street where the warehouse is located, I hurried along briskly to the entrance.  After all, I had heard how popular it was and feared that we would have to wait ages for a table.  As I walked in, it really did seem like half of Sydney was there - sitting at the tables, queuing up, spilling out into the gardens, kids racing around.  It was all happening!

And this was at the early (for me) hour of 9.30am.

The Grounds is a converted warehouse that has a cafe restaurant, gardens growing organic produce, onsite coffee and research facilities and some resident farm animals too. It is a family friendly venue too judging by the number of kids exploring the nooks and crannies of the garden.  They also offer takeway food and coffee, and there are a lot of tables and chairs in the gardens for you to sit and eat.

If I may also add here how much I like the name - it just rolls off the tongue...The Grounds of Alexandria! And also make me feel like I'm going to some exotic destination.

Back to the Sunday morning - luckily my friend had arrived just five minutes before me and we didn't have to wait for a table at all. 

There was a lot of bakery eye candy at the counter and a giant Easter egg too!

Since their specialty is coffee, I couldn't avoid ordering my usual skim flat white.

Skim flat white ($3.50)

And after seeing the cute jar glasses that juices and smoothies came in, I also had to have a juice.

Watermelon, pineapple and mint juice ($7.00)
Smoothie of the day - mango ($7.00)

All of their brunch options sounded delicious.

Lemon myrtle mushrooms ($16.00)
Shimeji, enoki, field, baby button and woody mushrooms in The Grounds lemon myrtle butter with a fried egg on brioche

I decided on having the mushrooms and the best part was definitely the oozing egg over the brioche.  I couldn't really taste the lemon myrtle although I could definitely taste the oiliness coming from the butter.

Turkish style eggs ($16.00)
Soft poached eggs in a rich tomato sauce with canellini beans, spinach, labneh yoghurt, pisatchios and toast

After finishing and paying for our meal, we went outside into the gardens for a wander.

There was the most charming lemonade stall....

....and beautiful flowers for sale.

...and of course the chickens...

..and the little piggy! Who was having the bestest day snuffling around in the hay.

If I had to describe The Grounds, I would say it's a really fun place to eat.  The space inside the converted warehouse is really lovely and then you get check out what's outside as well!

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  1. The crowds kill me here - I can never last long enough to get inside to eat...but the food does look tasty.

  2. I got the Turkish style eggs once, and was bitterly disappointed because they tasted like baked beans to me. Did you like the dish?

    Loved the watermelon juice though!

  3. Hi Missy Piggy: The crowds are a deterrance for sure, my first visit was delayed so long partly out of fear of queues!

    Hi Mobblees: I tasted the beans and they did taste like baked beans. I think some people like that though?