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Another post on the CWCD!  We had such a good time during our last visit and I wanted to try more things off their menu. We went back the very next weekend.

It was a hot day so I avoided ordering a coffee (even though their coffee is quite good and I have always gotten one in the past).  Instead, we each ordered a fresh juice instead - you can pick from orange, pineapple, melon, apple, carrot and ginger or a combination of up to three of those.

Melon and apple juice ($6.50)

My juice arrived in an average sized cup and I dutifully admired the ombre of colours in the glass.  It was light and refreshing, but I thought it was a bit on the pricier side - am I getting out of touch? Is $6.50 for a juice in the suburbs the new norm?  My friend and I discussed it, agreeing that we would have both been happier with $5.00.

I was feeling like pizza again .

Suprema ($14.99 medium size)
Smoked ham, cabanossi, mushrooms, onion, capsicum,pineapple, olive, pomodoro, cheese

I ate the whole thing myself! Sometimes I am really surprised at the capacity and depth of my stomach.  The toppings were generous and I loved eating it while piping hot.  Yum, now I feel like more pizza...
Linguine Marinara ($28)
Prawns, calamari, octopus, mussels, octopus, parsley, cherry tomato, napoletana sauce
My friend really enjoyed the pasta dish and struggled to finish the generous serving size.

Tuna Nicoise ($20)
Grilled tuna fillet, artichokes, beans, potato, egg and light mayonnaise dressing

I had been eyeing the tuna salad on the menu for a while and finally decided to order it.  It was beautifully presented with the soft egg yolks making for a pretty picture.  Unfortunately the tuna was well over cooked and dry.  It was very disappointing because it could have been the perfect salad.

As it was, I struggled to finish the substantial salad which could have been a meal in itself.  I don't think I will be ordering this one again.

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  1. I paid $6.50 for a juice in Surry Hills today...not cheap but it was pretty nice and big too.

  2. I've also eaten at the CWCD and I definitely agree that the price is over the top for what is simply crushed fruit.

  3. Hi Missy Piggy and Sarah Awad: My friend told me that the juices here were actually $7.00, not $6.50 as I wrote in my post. Seems like my memory isn't what it used to be!


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