Orto Trading Co., Surry Hills

Orto Trading Co. is a bit tucked away on Waterloo Street, yet really close to Central Station.  Mobblees and I had decided to go there for brunch after a recommendation from a colleague.

One of the reasons why it is a good brunch option - their menu has those magical words 'brunch all day'.  Perfect for people like me who don't like to wake up early on weekends!

We sat outside on a bright sunny Saturday and there was a steady stream of people entering and going. I liked the little plants in glass jars that were placed on each table.

The service was sporadic despite there being many staff milling around.  Most of the staff seemed to linger inside without servicing the outside tables as often as the tables inside.

Flat white ($3)

Apple and mixed berry juice ($6.50)

Although it was lunchtime, we both ordered off the brunch selection - that's the beauty of all day brunch.

Potato rosti stuffed with fetta, served with wild mushrooms and sautéed spinach, topped with poached eggs and hollandaise ($18)

I really enjoyed the selection of mushrooms on the plate, much more than just your everyday button mushrooms.

 Breakfast platter with soft-boiled egg, soldiers, muesli, baked ricotta and poached fruits ($14)

The breakfast platter was visually appealing but Mobblees admitted that she liked my selection better.  I could see why she would say that - the platter was filled with lots of little bits and pieces that you had to be in the mood to nibble and peck at and arguably it looked better than it tasted.  

It was a nice way to laze away a Saturday morning and I would definitely come back to try more of their offerings, they are open for dinner too.

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  1. the brekkie platter does look pretty but those poached eggs! on those mushrooms! and a river of hollandaise sauce yum!

  2. I'm going here for brunch this weekend...it's been a long time coming and I cannot WAIT!

  3. H chocolatesuze: The potato rosti and poached eggs definitely won over the breakfast platter!

    Hi Missy Piggy: Let me know what you thought of it! Or do a blog post, I'd love to see some of the other brunch options :)