Nippon Club, Sydney CBD

The Japanese RSL Nippon Club is the type of place that you would walk past without a second glance. Unless someone had tipped you off that it was there, I doubt you would even notice it.  It is an underground restaurant on Macquarie Street in Sydney's CBD - a street that is mainly populated by Sydney CBD workers and tourists on their way to the Botanical Gardens.

Once you notice the small door leading you downstairs, you have to sign into the club as a visitor if you're not a member.  After you have signed into the club and walked into the restaurant, you may feel like you've entered a time-warp back a decade or two. The floors are carpeted, the walls are papered and there is a general air of run-downess and fading about the decor.  Despite this, the service is attentive and polite and the food is nothing to sneeze at.

We started off with some hot green tea to warm us up because it had been raining heavily outside (typical Sydney fashion for this summer!).  The tea cups for green tea were very girly with cute little white flowers against a green background.  I ordered a diet coke and was charmed to see it served in a frosty glass mug with a slice of lemon.

The menu consists of your standard Japanese fare - no modern Japanese style pizzas here.  I ordered the lunch set which is good value at $25.50.  For the lunch set, you pick two dishes and also receive sides of salad, miso soup and rice.

Small salad

Miso soup

Medium size bowl of rice

I chose to have the Teriyaki Chicken and Sashimi as my two dishes.

The teriyaki chicken was cooked very well.  The chicken had been sliced into small strips but was still moist.  I also tasted a bit of my companion's tonkotsu pork and that was pretty yum too!

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  1. Dear Retro - please tell me more about this mysterious "companion". Were they similar to your glass of coke in any way? Either:

    a) charming
    b) dark
    c) frosty
    d) a mug

    Thank you in advance for the clarification.

  2. That's definitely not the cheapest bento lunch in town, but I guess it is a proper restaurant setting... Love that very Japanese dressing they put on salads :)

  3. Hi chocolatecol: This was actually a work lunch so there were seven companions! They were all charming though.

    Hi Tina: I love the Japanese dressing too! Not the cheapest lunch set but good value compared to ordering their items individually off the menu. As for the restaurant setting - I didn't take any photos of the decor but you could definitely tell it's inside a RSL club! :-)