deVine Food and Wine, Sydney CBD

I have walked past deVine Food and Wine many, many times and never even noticed it. Despite being on the busy intersection of Clarence and Market St, this cosy wine bar has a relatively unassuming brick façade which made me think that it was an ordinary pub.

Until one day, a friend took me there for a Friday night drink and I discovered that it was in fact, a very charming wine bar with a small restaurant in the back.

It was quite busy and we squeezed into two seats at the communal high counter table.  This was far from being the best seat in the house as there was hardly any space for others to walk behind you to get to their own seats if your back was to the wall (as mine was) - but what can you do.

After ordering some wine, I was feeling peckish and ordered a favorite snack of mine - duck liver pâté . 

It was an incredibly generous serving - that ball of pâté was easily the size of a large ice-cream scoop. Yum!

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, depending on how you look at it), my friend doesn't like pâté and I ate that ENTIRE ball - slathered over the crunchy thin slices of crouton that you can see in the background.  At the end of the meal, I felt a bit grossed out that I had basically consumed the poor duck's entire liver and it was sitting in my stomach.

But that didn't stop me from wanting to go back again!  What a great discovery and it's in such a convenient location too.  I would recommend making a booking as deVine is quite popular and worth the effort to secure a coveted seat (i.e. not having to squish like we did ;) 

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  1. It is a wonderful place. One of the owners was in fact the executive sous chef at Kable's Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel, formerly The Regent. It was back in the day when Kable's was be the fine dining restaurant in Sydney. He doesn't cook anymore but he is often at the bar seating guests. One of the best chefs I know!

  2. Hi Anonymous: That's very interesting, thanks for sharing!

  3. There's a lot of issues (morally) about eating duck liver, but I'm thinking that if you're going to have the delicacy, don't think too much about it after. It's really quite traumatising if you think about what happens to the ducks before you get to eat it, no matter where you go in Sydney