Sydney Fish Markets, Pyrmont

Another trip to the Sydney Fish Markets? Yes please!

We went a bit overboard with enough food to feed 10 people rather than just the two of us.  But that's okay, just meant more to eat and leftovers to take home!

First up were two insanely huge seafood platters

The first platter had scallops in the shell, grilled squid, calamari ring, salt and pepper squid and prawn cutlets

The other had about seven soft shell crabs piled up to form a small mountain

I love eating the bodies of the soft shell crabs and having that distinct flavour of the 'mustard' suddenly fill your mouth along with the crab meat and crispy coating.

Sydney rock oysters

The oysters were delicious and fresh with a quick squeeze of lemon across the top.

Salmon and tuna sashimi

I was a bit annoyed that they gave me two packets of wasabi instead of the two packets of soy sauce that I asked for!  Too lazy to trek back to the store but it meant that we had no sauce for the sashimi (and I don't eat wasabi).  Next time I'll check the packets before leaving!

After consuming as much as we could and packaging the rest for my friend to take home, amazingly enough, we had some room for dessert.

I've never paid much attention to the deli inside the fish markets but we had a good browse around and it is a treasure trove of gourmet goodies!

Including some Maggie Beer ice cream which made for the perfect dessert.

The fish markets never disappoint.


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  1. That's a lot of food for 2 people! haha but it all looks amazing!

  2. Holy Moly Retrodaze what a feast you had.

  3. Haven't been to the Fish Markets in ages! And I'm bad that I always over-order too - but you can't pass up the opportunity to get a bit of everything, you know...

  4. Hi missklicious: It was pretty full on, even for me. We had an entire platter of food as leftovers!

    Hi Mobblees: Yes, it was a lot but I did like being able to gorge on whatever I wanted!

    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse: Exactly, you have made the trip out there after all, why hold never know when the next trip will be!

  5. curious to find out, how much were the platters and from which store were they ???

  6. Hi spiderman: As you walk into the fish markets main building from the parking lot, it is the store directly across on your diagonal left, on the corner. It's very brightly lit and mainly sells hot foods. Sorry I don't remember the name of the store! I'm not sure how much the platters cost as my friend paid for them but I remember the soft shell crabs were about $5 each.

  7. thank you very much ! there are so many stores i just never know which one to buy from ! i'm always weary to avoid the tourist traps.