Gumshara, Chinatown

Social media has well and truly worked in Gumshara's favour.  What surely used to be a ramshackle ramen store in a rundown, partially underground foodcourt is now a booming business success and it seems like every second person wants to try its famous thick broth made from fresh pork bones.

Such was the case with The Chief, who begged me to take her to try it out.  I was initially reluctant because I hadn't been impressed with my first and only visit to Gumshara, approximately 3 years ago.  I found the broth to be too thick, so much so that it became gluggy towards the end and I couldn't taste the flavour anymore.

But I remembered how beautiful the eggs were and was happy to give it another try.

So off we went on a weeknight and although it was close to 7.30pm, there was a steady crowd at Gumshara, waiting for their ramen.

We both ordered the Pork Spare Rib ramen with an extra egg.

Pork Spare Rib Ramen ($14.50) and egg ($1.50)

Just as an aside, there is a small note underneath the Pork Spare Rib ramen saying that only 20 bowls per day.  Is this true?  Because as I said, we went quite late in the day and given the crowds/constant queue and the fact that there's only a choice of six ramen's or so, I can't imagine that we 'snagged' the last bowls of the Pork Spare Rib...

Anyway!  That is neither here nor there.  I was happy to get the bowl and it was quite good.  Having learned my lesson from my first visit, I only took a small sip of broth with each mouthful of noodles.  The pork spare rib was deliciously meaty and I chewed it to the bone.  Unfortunately for The Chief, she found her pork to be too salty.  When we compared the two, hers was a lot darker than mine - I'm not sure what that means in terms of cooking but we figured that it must have had something to do with the different taste!

The eggs were amazing.  They are soft with a runny semi solid yolk and are the best soft boiled eggs ever!

I'm glad that I gave Gumshara another try because I would happily return again!

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  1. mmm i heart gumshara its just so crazy delicious especially in winter!

  2. This place reminds me of that Ryo's noodles i was telling you about. The broth is super thick and oily so you cant really drink it.

  3. dear retro - i would suggest that you rename this blog entry "the case of the salty broth". it would be more fitting to how it reads.

    you can always count on retro and the chief to get to the bottom of a mystery (or a bowl of ramen - LOL!)

  4. Hi chocolatesuze: A hot bowl of noodles really does hit the spot on these cold days!

    Hi Mobblees: I've read a lot about Ryo's, maybe you can take me there one day to try it!

    Hi chocoaltecol: It was the pork that was a bit too salty, not the broth!