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The Sydney Festival was on during the month of January. One part of the festival was called 'Fast Festival Feast' where you could have a set menu at participating restaurants with a glass of wine for a set price.  It was on from Mon- Fri and you had to start between 6pm and 7pm.

The majority of the restaurants offered one course with a glass of wine for $30.

There were three restaurants (Assiette, Becasse and Est) which offered a Premium Fast Festival Feast for $55 - two courses and a glass of wine.

A few colleagues and I decided to try the feast at Est. 

Fast festival feast menu at Est

It was my first visit to Est and I was impressed by the hushed atmosphere and attentive service.  As we went straight after work, the fading sunlight streamed in from the large windows overlooking George Street.

The waiter came around with a basket filled with different types of bread.  I selected the small french baguette.

Glass of Stoneleigh Pinot Noir included with Feast

With each course that was served, a choreographed number of waiters came striding out carrying each of our plates.  I think there were five or six of us at the table that night so to have five or six waiters converge on the table and synchronize the serving of the plates was really nice!

The entree was a beautifully presented salad.  The light colour palette and delicate curls of the vegetable made it almost too pretty to eat.

Salad of avocado, witloaf, pink grapefruit, radishes, mustard cress

I had no idea that avocado could taste so fresh.  How did they get it to taste so fresh??

We also ordered sides of mashed potato to accompany our mains.

Dollop of mash

Crisp skin mulloway fillet, shaved fennel, green beans, preserved lemon, dill oil

The main was equally as delicious as the entree.  The fish was soft and, just like the avocado, the green beans tasted extra fresh.

It was a great experience and I'm glad the Festival Feast series gave us a chance to try Est.

Stay tuned - I also tried the Festival Feast at Becasse!

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  1. nawww i now have a crazy need to get my hands on some avocado!

  2. perhaps it was the the fading sunlight streaming in from the large windows overlooking George Street which made the avocado taste so fresh? i need to get my hands on some large windows overlooking George Street!