Sydney Fish Markets, Pyrmont (2)

There was surprisingly good weather in Sydney this weekend (surprising because if you have been reading the news, we're supposed to get a miserable summer filled with rain and cold) which meant that it was a perfect occasion for.....the fish markets! yayaya!

Just the other day, I had been thinking how much I would like to go again and the perfect spontaneous opportunity arose.  This was our second lunch so we didn't get as much as I would normally eat, but still had some good variety going on.

By the way, these pics were taken with my new iphone 4! What do you guys think?  I've had a bit of trouble uploading the pics and sizing them but hopefully can figure it all out soon.

First up, salt and pepper squid and calamari rings!

Next, some fresh Sydney Rock Oysters with lemon ($13.99 per doz).  They were plump and fresh, delicious!

Then an old favourite - kingfish and salmon sashimi with soy sauce (approx $6).  The salmon tasted even more fresh than usual and melted in my mouth.

And lastly some scallops ($2.50 each)....

It was such a great afternoon to sit by the water and chill out with the seafood.  Favourites were oysters and sashimi, I just can't get enough of them!

Has anyone else read about the cheap lobsters that are supposed to be in abundance right now?  I want to get me some of those too!


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  1. Yes I like the new and approved crisp images haha.

    How were the scallops? I've never tried them there before.

  2. Hi Mobblees: The scallops were nice, but I preferred the sashimi and oysters. Yum!