Flying Fish, Pyrmont

I had high expectations for Flying Fish - I had read a number of reviews and saw photos from others visits.  The number one thing that I wanted to try was their seared tuna.

Flying Fish is located at the end of Jones Bay Wharf in Pyrmont, right next to the water.  We found easy street parking nearby but it took us a while to find it because google maps on my iphone lead us the wrong way!!

When we finally found it, I was ready to collapse at the bar with a drink.

Cocktails at the outside bar lounge

After hanging at the bar for a while, we were soon ushered inside and upstairs to our table.

The view of downstairs from our table upstairs

You can see the Harbour Bridge from the window (unfortunately half blocked by a pillar in this photo!)

It was Sunday lunchtime and the restaurant was busier than I thought it would be.  Almost every table upstairs was occupied.

Upstairs dining area

Our waiter came around with the bread basket and asked us which bread we would like - white bread or soy with linseed and corn.  Then he said those magic words 'or you can try both'.

Of course I want to try both!

The bread was warm, which in turn meant that the butter melted when it was placed on the bread. 

Omg, the butter on the left side is possibly the best butter that I have ever tasted.  It has carbonized salt (I think that's what the waiter said it was...), the salt has been charcoal-ed and gave the most amazing taste to the bread.  I'm not ashamed to say that I ate the entire ball of that butter.

Anyway, since it was the most lovely weather outside, we had decided to go to the fish markets after Flying Fish.  Hence we restrained ourselves on the ordering.

The only thing that I really wanted to try was the seared yellowfin tuna.  It is on the menu as a starter but I asked for a main size.

Seared yellow fin tuna with ruby red grapefruit, sweet crackling
pork & black pepper caramel ($42)

 It was a nice dish, but I wasn't blown away.  I think I was expecting something amazing.  The sauce was sweet and the grapefruit segments made the dish even sweeter.  The tuna was thinly sliced and fresh.  Presentation was very pretty.

I couldn't help but wonder though - if this was the main size, what did the starter size look like - two pieces of tuna? :\

 Pan roasted blue eye trevalla with hazelnut, Pantelleria capers,
white balsamic potato, green grape, & beurre noisette ($44)

The blue eye was beautifully cooked, and fell apart with a slight prod of the fork.  I also liked the hazelnuts and the creamy little potatoes.

Green salad that comes with the main

We also ordered some chips to nibble on.

Hand cut chips ($10)

They were good chips indeed. 

So it was a good lunch, but I probably wouldn't head back anytime soon - too many other places to try!  I think it's a great location for drinks though, especially with good weather.

After Flying Fish, we headed off to the Fish Markets for some more delicious seafood.  My idea of a perfect day!

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  1. hehe you make that butter sound amazing! i want butter!

  2. Shame that your meal wasn't amazing. That butter is really awesome though, I didn't realise it was carbonized salt in there, as I just sort of glazed over when the waiter was talking!

  3. Hi chocolatesuze: That butter WAS amazing, I would like to have that butter in my home so I could eat it all the time.

    Hi missklicious: Haha, the waiter did waffle on quite a bit about the food!