Uccello, Sydney CBD

Merivale are doing their winter feast deals again! Except this time, they're calling it 'Feast for the Senses'. Same thing, different name.

If you haven't heard of it before, basically it's a deal where you choose 2 or 3 dishes from a set menu for a set price.

At Uccello, it is $39 for two courses or $49 for three courses. Given that the dessert menu didn't look that great (which was disappointing!), we decided to order an entree and a main each.

It was my first time to Uccello and I was pleasantly surprised by the decor. Located inside the Ivy Complex, it was more modern than I expected. The restaurant had wonderful curved booth seating along the sides of the restaurant and normal seating in the middle. At one end, you could see the Pool Club out of the large windows.

A blurry photo of the interior

And of our table

It was a Friday night and I mentioned that we wanted to do the Feast when I was booking. They informed me that because we were doing the deal, we would have to leave by 8pm. That was fine with me since we were meeting straight after work, just after 6pm.

When we arrived, the restaurant was more or less empty. During the night, it gradually filled up a bit more.

Complimentary bread

We both chose the same entree to begin with.

Rotolo farcito
(Mozzarella rolled with San Daniele prosciutto, rucola, sautéed mushrooms, aged balsamic and olive oil dressing)

This was the best dish of the night!! It tasted fresh and had a great combination of flavours. I liberally swiped up the olive oil and vinegar with little bits of the filling. If I went back to Uccello, I would order this again.

We didn't have to wait long before our mains arrived.

Polenta pasticciata con salsiccie piccanti
(Spicy southern style Italian sausages with polenta, red wine and tomato sauce)

I didn't taste this but my friend wasn't overly impressed. She said that it tasted like home cooking. That isn't always a bad thing, but I guess on this night, she didn't feel like home cooking.

As for my choice, I was had preplanned what I wanted but the menu on the night was different from what is currently posted online. Originally, I had planned to order the Uccello lasagne but it wasn't on the menu that we were given, so instead I ordered the pasta.

This is where my memory fails me...I think it was a beef ragu pasta with parmesan on top?

I thought it was great. The sauce wasn't too heavy and it was a decent sized serving. I finished it all!

The reviews on Eatability for Uccello are not the best but I had a good experience and would be willing to return.

I'm not sure how long the winter feasts will run for but I hope to have time to fit in another restaurant before it's over!


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  1. dude you had me at mozzarella. and then prosciutto mmm sounds like an awesome combo

  2. Agree with Suze, that rotolo combination sounds very delicious indeed!

  3. Hi chocolatesuze and mademoiselle délicieuse: It was sooooo good, I wish there had been even more of it on the plate!