Pyrmont Grower's Markets

Given that the next Pyrmont Grower's Markets is coming up (first Saturday of each month!), I thought that I would show my readers a glimpse of my visit there last month.

Ever since I started working full-time, I cherish my weekend sleep-in's. I can think of nothing better than being able to go to sleep the night before, without setting an alarm clock.

However, the Pyrmont Grower's Markets are open between 7am - 11am. This means getting up bright and early, but with the promise of fresh food and goodies as your reward.

Luckily for us, the weather was bright and sunny despite it being the middle of the coldest Sydney winter. We even managed to find street parking that was a 2 minute walk away = score!

We arrived at about 9.30am and there were so many more people at the markets than I originally expected. It was also larger than I expected - stores lined the stretch beside the water, and there were many more stores on the grassy park area. There were some of the stalls that I had previously seen at the Eveleigh Markets, but many more that I hadn't.

Stalls lining the boardwalk

People lining up at a popular stall

More stalls set out in a circle along the edge of the park, with tables and chairs in the middle for eating

There were stalls selling fresh fruits, meats, cheeses, honey, olive oils, flowers etc. After walking around and making a few purchases, we decided it was time for breakfast!

There were a few stalls with grills on, cooking bacon, eggs, sausages - all with long lines! We went to one stall and unfortunately the charming young man warned us that there may not be any food left by the time we reached the front of the queue. Boo!

So we popped over to another stall and both got a smoked salmon with egg bun.

Smoked salmon and egg roll ($6?)

Inside the roll

It was quite good, the egg was piping hot off the barbecue.

After the savoury part of breakfast, it was time for some sweets! I noticed earlier that Whisk & Pin from the Blue Mountains had a stall and were selling some cookies and brownies. I purchased two to try.

Fig, Ginger and Macadamia nut cookie ($3.50?)

Choc - chip cookie ($3.50?)

They were just okay, they looked better than they tasted.

My friend purchased some sweet treats from another store.

Close-up of the berry & marscapone tart

She said that they were absolutely delicious!

So the next Pyrmont Markets will be on the 7th August and it is located in the park opposite Star City. Don't forget to get there early so that you don't miss out on the hot foods like we did! :)


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  1. i have never tried mascarpone before.. what else is it in?

    i generlaly like cheese and sweets to stay separate but it sounds interesting

  2. I love markets, but these seem a tad too early and cuts into precious weekend sleep time! The tart looks really good though!

  3. I know what you mean . . . always prefer to sleep in but sometimes it's worth getting up!

  4. Hi B.Erry: Wikipedia tells me that marscapone is the main ingredient in tiramisu!

    Hi missklicious: I'm personally not sure when the next time I'll be able to wake up for these markets!

    Hi SK: Yes, when you're actually there and the sun is shining and there are many, many other people there, you forget about the hard waking up part!