Bacco Wine Bar Pasticceria, Chifley Plaza

Ever since I discovered Bacco, it has been very bad for my expanding waistline. Very bad. You see, they have a range of cakes and pastries. A gorgeous range.

Exhibit A

Yes, that is a giant macaron in the far left corner.

They have about ten different varieties each day. What I don't like is that only some of them have labels - why can't all of them have labels? :(

There is usually a small line and I feel like I'm holding up the line when I question what's inside the pastry/cake. Labels are much more efficient!

Example of one of their efficient labels

It reads: Blood orange curd with sweet capsicum jam and pomegranate with salted dark chocolate sable

Unfortunately for me, I work about a two minute walk away and have recently gotten into the habit of popping by for a dessert at the end of lunch. So far, I've tried about five or six of the one and have made it my goal to try them all!

They are all $6.00 each.

Here are two of the ones that I've tried.

Pretty cake box for takeaway

Rice pudding trifle with seasonal fruits (clearly this was one with no label!)

Cross section of trifle

This trifle was okay, not the best of their cakes. I wouldn't get it again. Having said that, I'm a huge fan of rice pudding and as such, the top layer was yummy.

The next one is my absolute favourite so far. I have gotten it twice, despite my 'try them all' goal.

Not as pretty takeaway box

It is a lemon meringue tart. Soooooo perfect!

The pastry is short and crumbly at the bottom. The meringue is light and fluffy, not hard nor crunchy.

The lemon is smooth and acidic.

I recommend sharing with a friend because eating the whole thing can be a little too sweet after your first few bites - or alternatively, you can save the other half for later ;)

They have a big version of this tart that has 'retrodaze's birthday cake' written all over it. My birthday isn't until November but I can't wait and am glad that I've found the perfect cake already!

Bacco is located on the ground floor of Chifley Plaza in the Sydney CBD, at the entrance that is opposite Sushi Tei. It has cafe seating or you can get take-away.

At night, it turns into a restaurant/wine bar. It's great for an after-work drink!

Ph: 02 9223 9552

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  1. I've always meant to stop by here as the cakes look so lovely! :D Although if I am to shrink my waistline I may want to keep away!

  2. Yay for giant macaron! I walk past this display and drool, but it's closed everytime since it's at night

  3. Hi Lorraine: Places like this are torture for the waistline!

    Hi missklicious: I'm definitely going to try the giant macaron someday soon!

  4. Yes try the macaron! My sis attempted to make some and they failed haha

  5. Hi Mobblees: You should try to make some and see if they turn out better than your sister! I would like to try some green tea macarons....get to it!