Sushi Masa, Camperdown

Boy, this place is hard to find!

Tucked away behind the old Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, it seems like Sushi Masa's main clientele comes from locals who live in the units surrounding the restaurant.

Inside Sushi Masa

DJ Rehactor, Mobblees and I had come here for lunch but alas, I was still full from my 'Newtown Big Breakfast'.

Hence I only ordered a drink and sipped it while I waited for my stomach to digest the breakfast haul.

Considering that it was 35 degrees outside, I was pleased with my icy cold peach iced tea.

Peach Iced Tea ($2.50)

I was charmed by the delicate floral motifs on their serving ware.

DJ Rehactor and Mobblees both claimed to be starving and each ordered a lunch set for $15.50.

The lunch set comes with a salad, miso soup, agedashi tofu and your choice of main dish.

The salad was your typical Japanese salad but the serving size was much larger than at other places.

The salad

Agedashi tofu

Mobblees ordered the sushi and sashimi dish with her set.

I thought that this was really good value! The sashimi looked fresh and the size of the plate alone could easily cost $20 elsewhere.

DJ Rehactor had ordered the Teriyaki Salmon which came with a small bowl of rice.

After they finished their meal, the waitress came over with free dessert!

Green tea creme brulée

I don't think that I would make the trek out here again but it seems like a great steal for the locals!

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  1. Large serves of food indeed! The side salad that comes with the set looks the size of one you'd normally order off the menu.

  2. Green tea creme brulée?
    That's different, but sounds great!

  3. Hi mademoiselle délicieuse: Yes, the serving sizes were big! You definitely get your value for money here.

    Hi SushiTail: The green tea creme brulée was interesting; it didn't really have the crackable top that creme brulées normally have but it did have the same texture i.e. smooth but a bit solid at the same time if you know what I mean..