A Scorcher of a Sydney Day

Wow, yesterday was an absolute heatwave! I couldn't believe the heat in the air that cloaked the entire city. And it lasted well into the night! I couldn't even eat ice-cream without having to furiously spoon it into my mouth (learned my lesson when the first scoop melted into a little puddle when I looked away for five seconds).

Sahara and I had made plans a long time ago to visit Bankstown and during our trip, I purchased a drink that went a long way towards quenching my thirst.

At this small store in the side of a wall, you could create your own juice from a selection of fruits and then add your own jelly etc (in retrospect, I guess this is the same as what you get at Easyway, but it is different when you see it all in front of you!)

Fresh fruits, ready to be made into juice

I immediately picked watermelon juice and decided not to add any other fruits. I love watermelon juice!!

Then it was time to pick the jelly and initially, I chose the coconut jelly squares in first bowl from the right (blue) because they reminded me of the yummy lychee jelly squares that I had with my sago at the Chinatown night markets.

However, I was quickly dissuaded from my choice by the STAFF who insisted that it 'wasn't nice'. They encouraged me to add the whole lychees instead.

In the end, I picked the mixed jelly - an awful lot like what you get from bubble tea places.

Selection of jellies and fruits

The end result was super refreshing and stayed cold for a surprisingly long time!

What did you do to escape the Sydney heat?


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  1. Hi Mobblees: Unfortunately not, the drink came in a large styrofoam cup with a styrofoam lid and I drank it whilst walking so taking a pic would have been too tricky!