San Churro, Glebe

A very long time ago, DJ Rehactor and Mobblees were shocked to discover that I had never eaten churros before in my life. Vague plans were made to visit San Churro at some point in the future.

Well that day finally came!

Unlucky for us, the day was a hot one, meaning it was not the best weather to enjoy overly sweet things as they tend to make you even thirstier.

Nevertheless, we stuck with our plan and ventured to San Churro Chocolateria in Glebe.

The selection of desserts in store looked appealing.

Dessert window

But since I had come for my first taste of churros, that was what I ordered.

You can order it with your choice of chocolate (white, dark, milk) and with cinnamon or icing sugar.

Single serve of churros with milk chocolate dipping sauce and cinnamon ($6.90?)

The churros were.....a bit of an anti-climax. There wasn't anything wrong with them per se, but the combination of the chocolate sauce with the churros was just a bit dull. The flavours weren't very exciting.

The chocolate sauce was very sweet and the churros tasted like fried dough.

DJ Rehactor ordered a white chocolate hazelnut mousse from the dessert window.

White chocolate hazelnut mousse with dark chocolate dipping sauce

Close-up of the mousse

It tasted like white chocolate, but neither of us could taste any hazelnut.

To wash down my churros, I also ordered a drink.

Cookie cha cha ($7.50)

I think that was the name of the drink - it was a combination of cookies and white chocolate.

I was hoping for something deliciously chunky like the cookie shake that I had enjoyed at the Counter Burger.

Alas, I was disappointed as this was quite watery for a cookie shake and was unbearably sweet. Half the glass was all I could drink before I cried for mercy and some water.

I also thought that the price of the shake was a bit high considering its quality.

So I'm glad that I got the chance to finally try some churros but probably would not go out of my way to visit San Churro again.

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  1. May I recommend the Churros stand and the Royal Sydney Easter Show. It's there every year (look for it by the lockers opposite the Showbag Pavillion.
    The best way to eat them is dusted with cinnamon sugar (forget all that chocolate nonsense)

  2. If you want a good churro.....GO TO DISNEYLAND.

    and I agree with Sahara, they have to be sugar and cinnamon only.

    Having said that, you should definitely give San Churro another chance for their Spanish Hot Chocolate which is, in my opinion, DELICIOUS!

  3. Hi Sahara: I will try to remember that rec for the next time that I'm at the Easter Show....which admittedly may not be a while!

    Hi The Chief: Ok you've twisted my arm, add San Churro to our list of meeting places in winter so that I can try their hot chocolate!